Fresh Landscaping Ideas

The garden is an amazing place to spend our afternoon with a cup of coffee. No matter how big or small your garden is, it surely provides you space where you can breathe and gives you an instant change of view. If there’s a project that you should work on this summer at home, start with your garden.

Splash It with Colour

Garden is meant to be colourful. Some people prefer to grow a few plants of the same kind to give it a clean look. But we are here to say, go and splash it with colours. Plant rich variety of flowers and plants. You might be afraid to overdo it but you don’t have to. Bolding contrasts actually look good. In fact, who doesn’t want freshly picked flowers every morning?

Incorporate Different Materials

Don’t stay with wood alone. Be experimental and use different materials such as stones, clay, aluminum, and more. Just use the same rule when you buy traffic for website. Choose materials that are cheap and easy to find. You can even recycle some old stuff in your home and turn them into striking centerpieces. Who told you that gardening is just for people with a green thumb? It is for creative people too, who can get outside of the box and bring their personality to their garden.

Add Some Geometry

Adding geometry to your garden gives it some drama and impact. When you are arranging your plants, play with your imagination. Think of a pattern you can play with and incorporate it into your garden. Group island of plants in a way that you have a path for walking and shrubs and trees on the side just like how a maze would look like. Incorporating geometry to your garden is not that hard, just play with your imagination and make an outline then the rest would be execution. You can also visit this website which has great revisitors review that blogs on how to incorporate geometry on your garden. It will broaden your knowledge, gives you enough idea on what to do and add your touch.